“ABK Dnepr” began production of kosher vodka “Anatevka”.

Вам вже є 18 років?

Are you already 18 years old?

Вам повинно бути 18 років і більше!

You must be 18 years old or more!

For a long time Jews have been wondering – can they drink vodka? The question is of course simple, but the answer requires certain explanations.

Of course you can …, but only if vodka is prepared according to all the canons of kashrut.

There are only a few conditions for making vodka, observing which, vodka can be called kosher with confidence.

Let’s list them:

The raw material must be exclusively grain.

In the blend, there should not be any by-products.

It is forbidden to filter vodka with milk or chemical absorbents.

The process of production must be fully tested and approved by the rabbi.

In order to avoid mistakes in the sale, a kashrut sign must necessarily be placed on the product.

That’s all. The most important thing is the accuracy of all the above points, and vodka will be rightfully considered kosher.

Today, on September 13, 2017 …, forgive …, time is about kosher production, we will tell differently … — Today, 22 elul  the 5777  years, our company “ABK Dnepr” has begun production of kosher “Anatevka” vodka.

This year our technologists have developed and implemented a full cycle of production of grain vodka,  without any impurities or additives. The filtration is exclusively of coal type.

To control the entire manufacturing process, the leadership of our company was invited to Ukraine’s Chief Rabbi Moshe Reuven Asman.

After a long and thorough acquaintance with the technological chain of production, Rabbi Moshe gave blessings before the first blending new vodka “Anatevka”, and then single-handedly launched automatic production line.

A little later, Rabbi Moshe signed a package of documents confirming the right to apply the sign of the kosher to the brand “Anatevka”.

In a good way, “Anatevka” …, and Mazal Tov!

“The Chief Rabbi of Ukraine Moshe Reuven Asman says blessings before beginning the process of blending new kosher vodka” Anatevka “.

“The historical moment – Rabbi Moshe includes the process of mixing”

Head of Kashrut Department Zvi Kaplan “At the Combine of ABK Dnepr Company”

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