“ABK Dnepr” presents to your attention a new tincture “Zernovaya”

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“ABK Dnepr” presents to your attention a new tincture “Zernovaya” in two author’s variations under the trademarks “Kolos” and “Petrikovskaya”. As a result of the connection of high technology and environmentally friendly components Ukrainian market has got a unique product.

In the creation of the “Zernovaya” tincture, “ABK Dnepr” specialists use the invariable approach of respectful acceptance of the gifts of nature, their ennobling and perfection of taste with the help of innovative technologies.

So, tincture “Zernovaya” TM “Kolos” is made of ecologically pure components grown in Tsarichansky and Petrikovsky regions, and also special medical-table water from own artesian well. Mature fill an ear of wheat, passing all the purity of taste of luxury, alcohol does not leave a bottle of liqueur, and continues its presence as a unique mild taste.

Tincture “Zernovaya” TM “Petrikovskaya” is made according to a unique recipe, according to which special attention is paid to the naturalness of components: exclusively natural table water is used from the depth of the bowels 120 m, natural wheat alcohol and selected wheat ear.

It is worth paying special attention to the fact that the recipe of the “Grain” tincture is based on the experience of generations of vodka craftsmen.

We have considered wishes of our consumers who give preference more and more to environmentally friendly products therefore they have filled up a vodka segment with qualitative Ukrainian vodka production from natural components. Use of natural qualitative components in creation of products is the invariable advantage of our enterprise.

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