Great races have begun!

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Are you already 18 years old?

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You must be 18 years old or more!

Great races have begun!

Thanks to active and busy work in November our distributors, the most traded agents, made the highest bid and fulfilled the plan for the products of ABCD 01.12.2017 went to famous places in Ukraine and Europe. One of which was a visit to the Uzhhorod and Lake Sinevir. The second is Budapest and Vienna. The trips were full of emotions and adventures.

Winners on a trip across Uzhgorod waited a lot of interesting places and excursions. The group saw the building of an ancient Hasidic synagogue, the Frida Palace, Corzo Street, visited the Catholic Church of St. George, the Cross-Vozdvizhensky Catholic Cathedral. The highlight of the tour was a visit to the Uzhgorod Castle, founded in the late 9th century by Prince Labortz. They Visited the Transcarpathian Museum of Folk Architecture and Life.At the end of such a busy day, there was a walk along the coast in Europe along the river Uzh. On the second day, a unique excursion was waiting for the group – the picturesque Shipot waterfall, the cable car to Mount Gimba (altitude 1300 m above sea level). Excursion to Mizhgirsky National Preserve-visited Lake Sinevir -pearl of Transcarpathia. Excursion to the national rehab center of brown bears, where the team saw the lives of wild and such funny animals.

The second group of winners received not less interesting excursions, but already in Europe. The first day the group spent in the beautiful city of Budapest. Each tour was filled with a special Hungarian flavor. The group visited the spiritual center of Budapest – the basil of St. Stephen, then went to the grandiose Parliament, Freedom Square and the magic Chain Bridge. The second day was already incomparable with the first. A new country, a new city. Vienna is a city of music and great musicians. The city is charming and beautiful. it is rightly called the heart of Europe. During the walking tour the group saw the square of Maria Theresa, the imperial Hofburg, Kertner, Graben, St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the elegant Albertina! At the end of this day, there was a return to Budapest and free time.

“ABK Dnepr” LLC congratulates the winners of the first round of our action and wishes the same successes for the month of December. After all, according to the results of the month of December, the winners will receive interesting and busy trips. New cities and countries !!!
We wish success to all and the maximum fulfillment of plans in December for the products of ABKD!!!!
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