“Napoleon Charles Louis” is truly a noble drink

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Knowing the situation at the cognac market of Ukraine, “Alcohol-non-alcoholic plant Dnepr ” brought out the trademark “Napoleon Charles Louis” in the top five best-selling cognacs. This was facilitated not only by the exceptional taste of the cognac  “Napoleon Charles Louis”, but also by the acceptable price. Cognac “Napoleon Charles Louis” is truly a noble drink, combining strength and softness, worthily bear the name of the great emperor. We continue the traditions and today we create the best samples of cognac art. “Napoleon Charles Louis” – these are special cognac blends, which are improved by adding vintage cognac spirits, aged 6 and 7 years in oak barrels. The nobility of vintage cognac spirits gives cognac Napoleon a rich and harmonious bouquet with a rich and mild taste with tones of aging. A very important issue in the production of cognac is the creation of barrels for aging. The fact of the matter is that alcohol absorbs the flavor of the material barrels and in fact this is the main way to create a taste of cognac. Barrels are made by hand from oak, they are fired to separate oils and then alcohol is poured into them. Minimal alcohol should be aged in barrels one year, the maximum period is not limited, but more than 70 years of meaning it does not hold. The barrel itself can serve for 100 years and can be used repeatedly. Barrels are stored in special cellars at high humidity. It’s very entertaining to enter such cellars, because the smell of cognac is very clearly felt in them, the air is literally imbued with them.

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