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Old New Year in the fascinating cities!


Fruitful December brought a lot of gifts and surprises to our distributors. Sales agents made the most of the sales plans and won New Year's travel. The trips took place on the eve of [...]


Enjoy life in a comfortable way


Alcoholic drink "Al Capone" also did not go unheeded, and our research showed that consumers are asking for the appearance of a convenient and practical Al Capone bottle of 0.1L. For [...]


A revered drink in your pocket


The process of blending an ideal brandy does not take a short time, but it is also important to take into account the combination of cognac with the practicality of the [...]


All tastes of your desires


All tastes of your desires Experiments of the brand "Al Capone" on the popular topics of using various additives to whiskey did not stop. And with pleasure we want to present [...]


Great races have begun!


Great races have begun! Thanks to active and busy work in November our distributors, the most traded agents, made the highest bid and fulfilled the plan for the products of ABCD 01.12.2017 went to [...]


Tasting cognac TM “Napoleon”


On October 23, 2017, a comparative closed tasting of ordinary cognacs was held in the walls of the Carpathian Trade House. Three types of cognac were presented to the experts' court, representing well-known brandy [...]


“Napoleon Charles Louis” is truly a noble drink


Knowing the situation at the cognac market of Ukraine, "Alcohol-non-alcoholic plant Dnepr " brought out the trademark "Napoleon Charles Louis" in the top five best-selling cognacs. This was facilitated not only by the exceptional taste [...]