Old New Year in the fascinating cities!

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Fruitful December brought a lot of gifts and surprises to our distributors. Sales agents made the most of the sales plans and won New Year’s travel. The trips took place on the eve of the Old New Year, on January 12, 2018 our teams visited the city of Lviv, and those who had the opportunity to stay a little longer outside of Ukraine choose a trip to Europe.

Winners on a trip around Lviv awaited an interesting walking tour of the Old Town. During the tour, they got acquainted with the history of the city, admired all the most famous historical sites, which since 1998 have been under the auspices of UNESCO. The team strolled along the Market Square, where each house has its own unique past, saw rich churches and churches of various religious confessions, learned the secrets of the pharmacy museum or the history of the house “Under the Black Eagle”.

On the second day the excursion to the city of Zhovkva was expected – the residence of Polish King Jan III Sobieski, acquaintance with his residence, where he celebrated his victory at Vienna. During the tour, the group met with the majestic Roman Catholic collegiate of St. Wavinian, in whose dungeons the members of the royal family were buried. This evening, in the Old New Year, there were celebrations. Some part of the group went to celebrate in local institutions, and the rest went to Market Square. And, of course, there was not all the favorite products of the ABK Dnepr. Someone took a bottle of warming “Al Capone” with him, and then he hid in his pocket Napoleon (because now the sizes of our comfortable bottles allow it).

The winners of the trip across Europe were expected to visit the most famous cities of the two countries. The first city to visit was Budapest, with its majestic places, also the team visited the city of Szentendre. Nowadays Szentendre is known as a city of artists with a lot of galleries and workshops. By the end of the day the whole group went for an evening walk on the boat along the Danube River. This wonderful skating was accompanied by everyone’s favorite tincture on herbs “Bitter”. In Europe, tinctures are very popular, but our “Bitter” is in no way inferior to local beverages. It was a wonderful end of the day, which our team will remember for a long time

On the second day the group was awaited by the capital of Austria, the city of Vienna, a charming and beautiful city … New Year mood did not leave the whole team throughout the day.

LLC “ABK Dnepr” congratulates the winners of the second round of our action. After all, the second round was the most difficult, every sales agent wanted to win a New Year’s trip.

We wish success to all and maximal fulfillment of plans. new shares and victories are just around the corner !!!

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