History of alcoholic-non-alcoholic plant “Dnepr”

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic plant  “Dnepr” is an enterprise with a half-century history. The first capacities of the still canning plant were built in 1962. In 2009, the plant changed the form of ownership and, as a limited liability company, became the region’s leader in the production of canned vegetables, sauces, juices and mineral waters. On October 4, 2016 a new stage in the life of the plant begins: a powerful investment flow takes place, the plant is redeveloped with concentration on the production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, a technological park change, and a strengthening of the staff. The renewed production ground started in record terms; already in two months after changing of membership of founders to the user new products were presented: author’s alcoholic drink TM «Al Capone», traditional ordinary cognac TM «First Ukrainian», vodka and vodka special TM «Kolos» and leader of enterprise – vodka, vodka special, tinctures TM «Petrikovskaya». A deserving place is taken mineral natural lechebno-table waters TM «Tsarichanskaya». Today the company does not stop creating new products: cider “Bravo” TM, tinctures on herbs “Gelbe bitter” and “Rubin bitter”, cognac TM “Napoleon Charles Louis”.

Combine actively builds a distribution network. The writing of the gold pages of the history of Alcoholic and non-alcoholic plant “Dnepr” continues.

Alcohol-non-alcoholic plant “Dnepr” in figures and facts


construction of a canning plant


establishment of the enterprise in the form of LLC “Tsarichansky Canning plant”


foundation of LLC “Alcohol-non-alcoholic plant “Dnepr”


start of production of alcoholic beverages

calendar days it took the team of ABK Dnieper to go from re-registering the plant to the first bottling of products
bottles are the first batch of beverage alcohol “Single malt” TM “Al Capone”
person daily involved through their work in the production of Alcohol-non-alcoholic products
years are mean time of collaboration of top staff with the director general of plant
workshops bottling participates in production
bottling lines involved in the creation of products

More than 30 herbs, spices and natural flavors are used for the production of tinctures and alcohol tinctures




ABK Dnepr – innovative classics in alcoholic and non-alcoholic production

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