LLC “ABK Dnepr” carries out alcohol-alcohol-free production and storage of spirits and finished products at the address: 51000, Dnepropetrovsk region, Tsarichansky district, Tsarichanka ,  Tsaritsinskaya Str., 168.

LLC “ABK Dnepr” has in its possession the Declaration of compliance of the material and technical base with the requirements of the legislation on fire safety issues, which is registered in the register of registration of the Main Directorate of State Supervision (Control) in the sphere of fire, man-caused safety and civil protection No. 6817 dated 10/19/2016.

Act No. 032-27-21.10.2016 of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Survey of the facility dated 20-21.10.2016, conducted by the State supervision Administration in the Tsarichansky District, is available.

LLC “ABK Dnepr” is the owner of all the technological equipment that is used by him during the production of alcoholic beverages and cognac alcohol.

The enterprise has a warehouse of finished products, where conditions for storage of products are provided in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documentation. The storage conditions are monitored, recording of the control results in the corresponding journal is provided.

The warehouse of finished products has a sufficient area and conditions for storage of manufactured products. Transportation of products on the territory of the enterprise is carried out with the help of special equipment.

All production facilities are equipped with forced-air ventilation and lighting.

The measuring laboratory of LLC “ABK Dnepr” is accredited by SE “Dniprostandartmetrologiya”, the corresponding certificate is issued. The laboratory has a branch of certification for all alcoholic beverages that are produced by the enterprise. Production is certified by SE “Dniprostandartmetrologiya”, which is confirmed by the corresponding certificates for production