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Double distillation of young brandy wine materials on copper alambic.

Only the middle fraction of pure grape spirit (heart) is selected. Head and tail fractions are not used in production.

The resulting young brandy alcohol, laid in oak barrels for years of aging.

The years of rest and endurance of grape spirit end, when the color becomes rich amber, and the aroma and taste will acquire noble tones of aging.
Now we can lower the degree of strong alcohol to the usual 40 degrees by adding pure artesian water with healing properties.

Still in the blend make aged sugar syrup and a small amount of sugar color, which is needed to make the color of the products the same.

Since all the barrels give oak components with different intensity. After lowering the degree in blend, the new drink rests to restore the balance of aroma and taste.
Before bottling, be sure to filter all brandy blends so that the product is transparent with alluring shine.

The bottling and decoration is an important technological operation, the purpose of which is to decorate a beautifully decent blend and convey in design the best qualities of ТМ «Cardinal» brandy.

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