Technology of preparation of cognac

“Cognac is a liqueur of gods”

Viktor Hugo

At “ABK Dnepr” LLC, a bottling line with a capacity of 6,000 bottles per hour is installed for bottling Ukrainian cognacs. The bottling line consists of automatic machines manufactured by KRONES AG. Finished products are placed in boxes of corrugated cardboard. Products are stacked on pallets and are fixed with a stretch film.

In accordance with the requirements of the current legislation, blending, processing and bottling of cognacs in Ukraine is carried out in a separate room.

Artesian water comes from wells No. 1 and No. 2 with a depth of 120 and 110 meters, respectively, which are the property of “ABK Dnepr” LLC. Mineral water is softened and desalted in a reverse osmosis plant. The prepared water is accumulated in the containers from which it is fed to the blending with a pump.

Cognacs of Ukraine are made according to the requirements of DSTU 4700: 2006 “Cognacs of Ukraine. TU “, TI 00011050-15.91.10-4: 2008” Technological instruction for the production and bottling of cognacs of Ukraine “, KD В 00011050-15.91.10: 2008” The basic rules of production and storage of cognacs in Ukraine “, change No. 2 to TI V 00011050-15.91.10-4: 2008 for production of ordinary cognac of Ukraine “Four stars”, change No. 1 to TI in 00011050-15.91.10-4: 2008 for the production of the ordinary cognac of Ukraine “Five Stars”.

Alcohol cognac young is produced according to requirements of DSTU 7087-2009 “Alcohol cognac young. TU” and according to the technological instruction of TI V 00011050-15.91.10-2:2008 “The technological instruction on production of cognac alcohols” which is approved in accordance with the established procedure.

The shop of cognac alcohol of smoking is located in the certain building and connected from alcohol by storage for cognac alcohol the pipeline

Acceptance of cognac wine material is made from a tank truck to the branches of brandy alcohol smoking through a measuring tap into a stainless container for egalization and temporary storage. distillation of cognac wine material to brandy alcohol is carried out on cognac distillery, which realizes a periodic process of direct fractionating of wine materials to cognac spirit, with the separation of the head and tail fractions.

In such installations, special mass transfer plates of increased strength and separating capacity are used, which allow changing the strength of the distillate depending on the stage of the process (selection of the fraction). Shell and tube reflux condensers are used. Separate withdrawal of air currents and alcohol is realized. Installation works at economic electro heating.

The received alcohol cognac young is measured through a mernik metal technical and comes on the pipeline to cognac storage of alcohol for endurance in the tank filled with the oak stopper which is specially prepared for cognac production.

The tank is manufactured of stainless steel, that is manufactured from corrosion of the resistant material resolved by the central executive authority in the sphere of health protection of Ukraine for wine-making production therefore meets the requirements of the Technological instruction of production of cognac alcohols and the Technological instruction of endurance of cognac alcohols.

The enterprise has available the license for production of alcohol of cognac No. 322 of November 29, 2016 according to what the enterprise conforms to requirements to a full production cycle of production of cognac and alcoholic beverages on cognac technology.

Alcohols cognac sustained import and domestic production use for all types of cognacs of Ukraine.

Acceptance of alcohol cognac sustained to be carried out from a tanker truck or containers in alcohol storage for cognac alcohol through a mernik metal technical for storage in capacities. At reception the volume, temperature and fortress of cognac alcohol is fixed.

Sugar dye for cognacs of Ukraine prepares in syrup color a cooking copper with an oil shirt and electric heating and control of temperature.

Blends of cognacs of Ukraine prepare in the corrosion-proof capacities equipped with mixers propeller explosion-proof MC-1 from the measured amount of alcohol cognac of the kept, sugar syrup and a color and the prepared water.

After blending cognacs of Ukraine pump over for rest in corrosion-proof capacities with an oak stopper, oak barrels and oak quarry stones.

The enterprise has corrosion-proof capacities for processing of cognacs cold by means of the refrigeration unit. Before a flood blends are filtered on a filter press.

Ready blends of cognacs of Ukraine move on the distributing automatic machine through pressure head capacities of the automatic transfer line of pouring via mechanical filters the Geyser from stainless steel.

After pouring and registration the finished goods on pallets arrive on a finished goods warehouse for storage and shipment on the consumer’s warehouse.