LLC “ABK Dnepr” began production of natural grape wines TM “La Cantina”.
Dry and semisweet wines are made from fresh grapes of European varieties.
From white and red grapes, the combs of grapes on which berries are kept are first removed, and then the technology of making white and red wines is very different.
For white wines from grape berries pressed juice (wort), which is cleared by settling and then the sweet must can be fermented. Only special yeast cultures give a pleasant aroma and taste to white wines. After grape fermentation, grape sugar is almost left after fermentation, and after that it can be called young wine. Now the main task of winemakers is to prepare young wine for bottling, so that it is clear, clean and retains all the flavors of the grape variety. This is a long and responsible process, the result of which is bottling wine, storing it and shipping it to the consumer.
Red wines get their color and taste from the skin of red grapes. To get a rich bouquet you need to constantly mix the wandering red wine. After the color of the wort becomes brightly ruby, the remaining berries are pressed, and the red wort is sent for fermentation. Red wine ripens in tanks and is also repeatedly filtered before bottling.
To make popular in Ukraine and Europe semisweet wines to the ready dry wine add concentrated grape juice obtained from white and red grapes respectively.
White wines of TM “La Cantina” are made from a grape variety of Chardonnay. Chardonnay wine has a very tasty aroma with pronounced tones of fresh fruits and floral tints.
The red wines of TM “La Cantina” are created from the balanced blending of the grapes of Cabernet and Merlot, which reveal a complex and multicomponent bouquet with tones of red berries, cream and a light hint of oak barrel.
Our wines are made by talented winemakers thanks to many years of experience and are considered one of the best in Ukraine. The enterprise constantly improves the production process in order to maximally preserve and convey to the consumer the whole usefulness of natural grape wine.
By the way, such a choice is approved by nutritionists. After all, it is domestic high-quality wines that are most useful for Ukrainians, contributing to the work of the cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine systems, increasing immunity and reducing the risk of many health problems.