Technology of Vodka

At “ABK Dnepr” LLC, 2 bottling lines with a total capacity of 12,000 bottles per hour are installed for bottling vodka and special vodka. The bottling lines consist of automatic machines manufactured by German company KRONES AG. Finished products are placed on trays of corrugated cardboard and supplied to Termo-Pak for group packaging of products. Products are stacked on pallets and are fixed with a stretch film.

In accordance with the requirements of the current legislation, blending, processing and bottling is carried out in a separate room.

Artesian water comes from wells No. 1 and No. 2 with a depth of 120 and 110 meters, respectively, which are the property of “ABK Dnepr LLC”. Mineral water is softened and desalted in a reverse osmosis plant. The prepared water is accumulated in the containers from which it is fed to the blending with a pump.

Vodka and special vodkas are made according to the requirements of DSTU 4256: 2003 “Vodka and special vodka. TU “, Technological Regulations for the production of vodka and alcoholic beverages TR В 18.5084-96 and the corresponding technological instructions. For the production of vodkas and special vodkas on mineral water, author’s technical documentation has been developed – TU V 11.0-40734958-002: 2016 “Vodka and special vodka. TU

Rectified ethyl alcohol for all types of alcoholic beverage products use only the brand of “Lux”, produced exclusively from wheat.

Acceptance of ethyl rectified alcohol is carried out from the tanker to the alcohol store through the dummies. When you receive a fixed volume, temperature and strength of ethyl alcohol rectified.

Blending components prepare and stored in titanic food barrels.

Sorting prepares in corrosion-proof capacity from the measured amount of alcohol ethyl rectified and the prepared water. Sorting undergoes coal filtration on installation of columned type.

Blends of vodka and special vodka are prepared in stainless containers equipped with mixers propeller explosion-proof MS-1.

Ready-made blends of vodkas are fed to the automatic dispensing machine through the mechanical filters of the stainless steel Geyser.

After bottling and processing, the finished products on pallets enter the warehouse of finished products for storage and shipment to the consumer’s warehouse.