On LLC “ABK Dnepr” for pouring of water of the mineral natural medical and dining room 1 3000 bottles line an hour is established.

In accordance with the requirements of the current legislation, the bottling plant of mineral water is presented in a separate room.

Natural mineral water is treated and cured according to the requirements of DSTU 878-93 “Natural mineral water packed. General technical conditions » with observance of sanitary norms and rules.

Artesian water comes from wells No. 1 and No. 2 with a depth of 120 and 110 meters, respectively, which are the property of “ABK Dnepr” LLC. Mineral water passes through filtration, accumulates in containers, after which carbonated water is supplied by the pump to saturation with carbon dioxide CO2, and non-carbonated water without saturation with carbon dioxide is directly fed to the filling line.

Filling products in PET bottles is done on an automatic bottling line with a capacity of 3000 bottles per hour.

An automatic filling line in the saturator is accompanied by additional saturation of mineral water with carbon dioxide. Bottle PET 0.5 L and 1.5 L made from the preform in the blow molding machine. Plastic bottle passes through a conditioner. At bottling the water is bottled and corked. Next, on the labeling machine with a dater, a label is attached and the date of filling is applied. After that, the bottles are delivered to TermoPak with a thermo-packaging module, where they are packed in a film and then stacked on pallets and packaged on a polytitzer.

After bottling and registration, the finished products enter the warehouse of finished products for storage and shipment to the consumer’s warehouse.