Project Description

Always on the high!

For the first time in Ukraine!
We introduce to you the First Ukrainian Whiskey TM “AVIATOR”. The unique formulation, along with the 8-step production technology, was first and foremost reflected in the softness of the drink and the richness of taste. The fragrance has turned out to be complex, varied with a long aftertaste. Original bottle design. When choosing raw materials and creating blends, our team was oriented to the taste of Ukrainian consumers. In the process of making such a national drink, we followed the old traditions. For the production of TM “AVIATOR” whiskey, a special variety of barley was used. Alcohols for the blend were kept in barrels from bourbon and fortified wine. The drink came out of amber of medium saturation. The aroma of whiskey is light, with shades of vanilla, marmalade and oak notes.
Today, LLC “Alcohol and non-alcoholic Combine” Dnepr “was the first in Ukraine to receive the right and a license for the production of grain distillate and genuine whiskey, and we are a modern enterprise equipped with new innovative equipment, and the whole production process is strictly controlled by leading specialists.
Introducing a unique drink is not only an appeal to its aromas and tastes, but also a significant aesthetic pleasure.
You can use whiskey in pure form, with ice, or diluted with water or soda, you can also add to the cocktail.