Project Description

Inspiration that gives pleasure to grandeur!

Brandy TM Cardinal is a tribute to the people who in their distant times, with their inspiration and perseverance, created and presented to the descendants a noble drink – a brandy.
According to legend, the noble Chevalier Jacques de la Cruz Maroni, the captured winemaker and the owner of the winery, once in their sleep, the dream came to get an ideal grape spirit. In the morning, he took the wine – and twice overtook him in a distillation machine. At each distillation, he initially shifted “head”, and closer to the end of the distillation separated the “tail” of alcohol, leaving the “soul”. The result was an alcohol that nobody had seen before, fragrant and pure as an angel’s tear.

Chevalier Maron was happy, and thanking for this miracle, he decided to sacrifice a couple of oak tubs of this fragrant drink to the local monastery. Pious monks enjoyed the content of one barrel with pleasure, and the second barrel of the rector decided to save for a special case. And when, several years later, His Eminence arrived at the monastery, the Cardinal of France – the rector ordered to unpack the barrel and treat him. The monks discovered that over the years the drink in the oak barrel had a wonderful aroma and a soft, deep taste. The cardinal was delighted with this refined, fragrant and hearty drink, and he … took a barrel with him to Paris for the treatment of high-ranking guests. So brandy, thanks to the Cardinal, was widely known first in France, and then far beyond its borders.
It was many centuries ago, but today brand TM Cardinal, manufactured by the classical technology of double distillation and aging in oak casks, gives pleasure to those who know the history of great things and appreciate the traditions.
Brandy TM «Cardinal» is an inspiration that gives pleasure to grandeur!