Project Description

Cognac drink “First Ukrainian” is a new product of the “Dnepr Alcohol-Soft Plant”. This is a cognac drink with a pleasant delicate taste, which is ideally suited to the role of a digestif.
The first Ukrainian more affordable drink for the consumer, the price of which is indicated in accordance with the characteristics of the products, has a mild noble taste, complemented by a chocolate-resinous notes. Therefore, his connoisseur and especially harmonious taste appealed to many connoisseurs and real gourmets. A bright light brownish shades with beautiful characteristic highlights captivate their amber brilliance. The first merits of cognacs are preserved in the First Ukrainian: full and soft taste, rich aroma of perennial aging. Compared with the classical technology of brandy, First Ukrainian has a cleaner composition, which reduces the harmful effects of alcohol on the body.
Cognac drink “First Ukrainian” will bring real pleasure and decorate any feast. Served at a temperature of 18 – 20 ° C.

  • Cognac drink “First Ukrainian”


    Ingredients: drinking water prepared, ethyl alcohol rectified “Lux”, cognac (brandy), alcohol infusion, made from oak bark, oak extract, sugar.
    Nutritional value of 100 g of product: carbohydrates – 0,1 g, fats – 0 g, proteins – 0 g
    Energy value (caloric content) 100 g of product: 923 kJ (221 kcal).