Project Description

Color your holiday!

We present an exclusive, author, craft series of TM “Petrykivska”, each blend of which is unique and each bottle is spilled and handmade. “Kraft” – literally translated as “craft”, “masterful work”, and in the basis of any outstanding work is a unique idea.

Each 2-liter Kraft series glass damask is hand-blown by artisan glassblowers in the workshop. Because of this, each bottle has its own personal characteristics, such as pearl air bubbles frozen in the glass, waves on the glass from the strong breath of a glass blower, smooth curves of the bottle shape. All these elements complement the quality of the craft vodka blend with the energy of handcrafted piece products.

The production of our vodka involves the best technologists of the plant, real masters of their business with a decade of experience. Craft requires skill and appropriate equipment. The laboratory controls the raw materials before making aromatic alcohols. In proven suppliers we buy natural ingredients, study their chemical composition and only then make a choice. When producing vodka TM “Petrykivska Kraftova Series”, selected ingredients of Ukrainian origin are used.

Total in the line “Petrykivskaya Kraft series” currently includes six types of vodka:

Classic – the minimum number of components is included in the composition – alcohol, water and bee honey. The clean and lucid taste of grain spirit and mineral artesian water.

Honey – the taste of honey is more pronounced due to the fact that the blend is supplemented with flowers of linden.

Zernova – a wheat spike in a bottle decorates a strong tincture and gives a mild taste.

Cranberries – a bright tincture with the taste of Ukrainian cranberries. The seductive color and light sour taste are created with fresh berries, which are embedded in a bottle.

Z pertsem – has a light bitterness and a pleasant aroma. This drink does not burn, and even heats up a deep frost for classical Ukrainian dishes.

Samogon is a classic flavor and taste of a home product. The color of this drink resembles a clear moonlit night in the Ukrainian village.

Petrykivska 0.5l

Petrykivska 1l