According to the Rules for the retail trade of alcoholic beverages, approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 854 of 30.07.96, Alcoholic beverages of proper quality cannot be returned or exchanged.

In case of revealing defects, falsification of alcoholic beverages, their sale in proper quality, the consumer may request from the online store:

  • A substitution for a similar product with a proper quality,
  • A substitution for another product with a corresponding recalculation of the selling price,
  • Full refund.

The buyer needs to check the suitability of the parcel at the place of delivery. If the goods are damaged, write a report at the place of delivery for the return of the parcel for the reasons set out in the report. Also, when placing an order that includes alcoholic beverages, the buyer agrees that he has the right to refuse only the entire list of ordered products, and not part of it.