In the days of trials hard for the Ukrainian land, when every day the defenders of the country with fire and sword defend our peace, peace and the right to self-determination, we cannot stand aside. In gratitude for the peaceful sleep of our children, for the serene smiles of our women, for the peaceful sky and everyday happiness; for ignorance of the dampness of the air-raid shelters, the rustling of the hailstones and the yeast of the earth from the exploding shells; for the confidence in the future, for the well-being of today’s day, LLC “Alcohol-non-alcoholic plant Dnepr” took upon itself the high mission of providing the Ukrainian army with water. Mineral natural medical and table -hydra carbonate chloride  sodium water of TM “Tsarichanskaya” is  a pearl of our production. Such water has to satisfy thirst of the fighters every day risking for us the lives, to sate with necessary minerals, to restore their forces and health.


LLC” Alcoholic and Nonalcoholic Plant” is an official supplier of a mineral natural medical table water of TM “Tsarichanskaya” for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.Cooperation with army of Ukraine is the social project: in water cost for soldiers the prime cost of accessories and cost of delivery are put only.

We guarantee quality of water and its timely delivery in order that defenders of the Ukrainian earth could bear adequately the service and keep our rest.