In the picturesque steppes of our homeland, at the intersection of trade routes and cultural heritage, the traditional alcoholic and non-alcoholic production was revived – the Alcoholic and non-alcoholic Dnipro combine was revived. The appearance it is under an obligation to the furious desire of proprietors to give to the consumers a quality product deserving named Ukrainian. By absorbing the experience of generations, joining the team experienced minded with burning hearts and gold hands, the company undertook the difficult task is to improve and surpass the taste and quality of the best samples of world-famous Ukrainian alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. Nature came for help, generously endowing a combine mineral water with unique properties. Extracted from the depths of a hundred and twenty-meter well of the Bucha aquifer, which is the basis of traditional recipes, this water created an innovative product in its characteristics, which has no analogues in the domestic and world markets. Healing water became the basis of the full range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that are created at the enterprise. With a deep awareness of the responsibility before nature, which has given us treasures, combining experience and innovation, building up the newest consumption culture of canonical alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, we are introducing the quality standards that become the benchmark. With honor and dignity we offer you, our customers, the products of— the Alcoholic and non-alcoholic Dnipro combine classics in innovation performance, combining the perfection of form and the ideal taste,  that is relevant and up to date at any time to any event.

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