History of the ABK Dnepr
Alcoholic and Beverages Plant Dnepr owes its appearance to a mad desire to give consumers a quality product worthy to be called Ukrainian.

ABK Dnepr is an innovative classic in alcoholic and non-alcoholic production.

ABK is an enterprise with a half-century history. The first facilities were built in 1962.

Nature itself helped, generously presenting the plant with mineral water with unique properties. Extracted from the depths of the Buchansky aquifer well, it is the basis of the traditional recipes.

In 2009 the plant changed its form of ownership and became a regional leader in the production of canned vegetables, sauces, juices and mineral water.

2016 - the plant is re-profiled to concentrate on the production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

With respect for nature
With a deep sense of responsibility to nature, which gave us such treasures, combining experience and innovation, building the latest culture of consumption of canonical alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, we introduce quality standards, which become the standard. With honor and dignity we offer you "ABK Dnipro" products - classics in an innovative performance, which successfully combines the perfection of form and ideal taste, which is appropriate and relevant at any time for any event.
Classic and author's recipe
More than 30 herbs, spices and natural flavorings are used to make tinctures and spirits.
Modern equipment
ABK Dnepr Ltd. is the owner of all technological equipment used by it in the production of alcoholic beverages and cognac alcohol.
Friendly team of professionals
More than 128 people are involved daily in the alcohol-alcoholic beverages production at the plant
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